Grim Legions v0.2 released!

A new version of Grim Legions has been released. Here’s a list of changes:

  • New ‘desert’ tileset
  • Improvement to existing ‘rocky’ tileset
  • Added a “Legion Movement Speed” option (in the settings). This lets you set how quickly legions move around the map, making the game move faster or slower
  • When merging legions, use the lowest movement points for the resulting merged legion. This stops an exploit that allowed infinite legion movement
  • Human player name can now be set in the settings screen
  • Some AI tweaks and improvements
  • Expanded the Help Screens
  • A bunch of other small bug fixes and tweaks

Here’s a screenshot of the new desert tileset:

Desert Tileset
Desert Tileset

There should be at least one more release before 1.0. One of the major things still left to add is map reveal / fog of war.

For more info, or to play, checkout the Grim Legions site.

Grim Legions Open Beta


Despite not quite being finished yet, we decided it was time to release a beta of Grim Legions to get your feedback.

You can play the game in Windows, Linux or WebGL. The last option is a good way to quickly try out the game without having to download anything (although it probably performs a bit better in the Windows/Linux builds).

If you have any feedback, please post in the game’s forum.

Grim Legion’s Website