Grim Legions v0.2 released!

A new version of Grim Legions has been released. Here’s a list of changes:

  • New ‘desert’ tileset
  • Improvement to existing ‘rocky’ tileset
  • Added a “Legion Movement Speed” option (in the settings). This lets you set how quickly legions move around the map, making the game move faster or slower
  • When merging legions, use the lowest movement points for the resulting merged legion. This stops an exploit that allowed infinite legion movement
  • Human player name can now be set in the settings screen
  • Some AI tweaks and improvements
  • Expanded the Help Screens
  • A bunch of other small bug fixes and tweaks

Here’s a screenshot of the new desert tileset:

Desert Tileset
Desert Tileset

There should be at least one more release before 1.0. One of the major things still left to add is map reveal / fog of war.

For more info, or to play, checkout the Grim Legions site.

2 thoughts on “Grim Legions v0.2 released!

  1. Hi, I’ve just been playing the game and it looks pretty interesting.
    The mechanics seem to be rather simple but I was wondering what will you be adding in the future, is there some kind of roadmap available?

    • Hi… We’ll be adding fog of war in the next release, but besides that, the mechanics won’t really be getting any more complex. This was always meant to be a fairly simple (but hopefully fun) game.

      Thanks for trying it out.

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