Grim Legions

The start of a game - with a unit in the top right

The start of a game – with a unit in the top right

Grim Legions is a fantasy turn-based strategy game, played on a hex grid. In Grim Legions, you control units that move around the map trying to capture towns. Each turn, the towns recruit more units. The aim of the game is simply to wipe out your enemy (destroy all their troops and capture all their towns). There can be up to 4 players, and you can make alliances with other players.

You can download it for Windows or Linux, or play the web-based version (which uses WebGL)

For more info see the Grim Legions Website

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Crown of Conquest

Crown Of Conquest (formerly Kingdoms) is a web-based “persistent world” role-playing game like no other.

You control a party of characters who start as low-level novices, but – with your help – can become powerful adventurers, politicians or even monarchs!

Explore a rich and dynamic land that you (or your fellow players) can influence. Discover new towns, explore dungeons, fight all manner of foul creatures, conquer cities, construct battlements, and much more.

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  • Dynamic, graphical, grid-based world to explore. Over time, the world evolves based on actions by the players
  • Hoards of monsters to fight
  • Thousands of unique items to find
  • Dungeons that appear and disappear over time
  • Begin with 5 characters, but recruit more (or sell your old ones) as you need to
  • Shape the world yourself by seizing control of towns, becoming mayor, setting taxes, buying defences, and much more
  • For the ultimate in power, form your own Kingdom, and play politics against the other kings and queens of the realm
  • Much more – you’ll have to play the game to discover everything!